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Perguntas freqüentes

Frequently asked questions

The answers to all your questions about the Radikal Darts world


1. How can I register at the Radikal Darts Machine?

2. How can I sign in the Radikal Players website?

3. What does my MPR and PPD rating mean?

4. How can I change my personal data?

5. What are bonus points and what are they for?

6. How does a Ranking work? 

7. Who is the organizer/ operator of a competition?

8. How can my profile appear at the Radikal Top50?


1. How can I register at the Radikal Darts Machine?

To play competitions, players must register in any machine with the Radikal System. That means having a nickname, an ID and filling in the form with your personal data (First Name, Last Name, Gender, Contact Information). This process is free. 

Registration in machines: step by step

  • Using the keyboard or touch pad: Scroll on the main menu, enter the “General Information” section, by pressing “OK”.

  • Players have to read the Personal Data Protection Law (scroll down with the ↓ button to see the whole text) and accept it when the blinking word “Accepted” appears (by pressing “OK”).

  • Enter your own ID, which is going to be your unique personal ID from now on. Your ID needs to be your initials and date of birth. Not only for you to remember your ID number easily, but also to prove your identification when receiving a prize (you must prove the person that has been playing is you). Example: Michael Williams, born in 29th March 1969 will have the ID MW03291969.

  • The system will check that there are no ID matches in the data base already. If it is available (no existing matches), the system will assign that ID to you.

  • Fill in the form with your First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Gender, Cell Number, Email Address. The nickname is extremely important, as it is the name the machine and the system will show in your matches and games. You must press “OK” to confirm your personal data. Phone number and email are also required to go past this point, that is need for contacting you in case of prize winnings.

  • At the end, the system will take a picture of the player. You will see text on screen telling you to look at the camera, at the lower part of the TFT monitor. Pressing the “START” button, the machine will take your picture and will be stored in the system with all your personal data.

Once you finish the process, the registration will be finished and the user will be able to play competitions in the Radikal System.


2. How can I sign in the Radikal Players website?

The machine registration and the website registration are different processes. To sign in the website you must already have registered in Radikal System machine. That means having a personal nickname and ID.

The website registration process has 3 steps: nickname, ID and password.

To sign in Radikal Darts website, players must:

  • Go to www.radikalplayers.com and introduce your nickname and ID at the upper left side of the site.

  • Fill in the form with your personal data.

  • You will receive an email to check if all your personal data has been correctly filled in. Then, you will have to click on the green box with the text “click here to finish the process”.

  • Shortly after, you will receive another email with your password. Then, you will go back to the Radikal Darts homepage and introduce your Nickname, ID and password to log in.

Once you finish the process, you are now able to enter in your personal account at the Radikal Players website. There, players can consult their statistics, competitions, latest news about Radikal Darts, change their profile data, etc.  

You can change your password by navigating to the My Account tab then clicking the Personal Data Tab. Below your profile picture, click Change Code and enter your desired password. Scroll to the bottom of the section, then click To Modify. You will recieve a confirmation email confirming your password change.

You can see the registration tutorial here.


3. What does my MPR and PPD rating mean?

All the registered players in Radikal Darts will get  their own PPD and MPR ratings once they play 25 or more games in both X01 (for the PPD) and Cricket (for the MPR).

Only official competition games are looked at for Rating calulations. Official competitions are Rankings, Super Rankings, Face to Face Leagues, Online Leagues, Virtual Leagues, and Tournaments. 

Ratings are calculated using an advanced algorithm taking many factors from the games played into account. These Ratings are NOT straight averages of the games played even though the numbers (PPD and MPR) can appear as so. Players should not compare Radikal Ratings to other Rating systems or agerages, only compare Radikal Ratings to Radikal Ratings. 


4. How can I change my personal data?

To change your personal data, you must log in Radikal Players website, and go to the tab My Account, and then go to Personal Data. There, you will be able to modify your name, surname, gender, birth date and postal address.


5. What are bonus points and what are they for?

Bonus features and their functions are defined locally, so please contact your operator to obtain this information. If you do not know who your operator is, you can ask the owner of the location you play from.


6. How does a Ranking work? 

A Ranking is a type of competition that consists of playing a minimum amount of games usually 7-9, defined by its organizer, to get an specific MPR or PPD average (depending on the game played). Players can play an unlimited amount of games if they choose, within the time frame of the competition. Games can also be played anytime, individually or with up to 8 players per game. 

Games are validated by the event organizer using the Patented Remote Referee System. 

Players will not get their average until they reach the minimum of games required. 

Rankings may or may not be divisionalized. In a divisionalized Ranking a players division is determined by their Radikal ratingf of PPD or MPR, depending on the game. A player who does not yet have Radikal Ratings will play in the General division until Ratings are obtained. 

You can check the competition details at the information menu of the darts machine or through your account login at www.radikalplayers.com. If you have any further doubts, please, contact your operator.


7. Who is the organizer/ operator of a competition?

Virtual Darts is the oficial Sports Department of Radikal Darts. Virtual Darts is the organizer for all International competitions. 

Operator level - Individual operators also run thier own competitions such as leagues on machines they own and or cooperative with other operators machines. 

If you want to check who is the organizer of your competitions, you should log in Radikal Players website and go to the tab Competitions. Once there, click on My Competitions and you will see a tab called Administrator. There you will find all the details about the organizer. 

The organizer is responsible for the competition. They are in charge of its administration, tracking, video validation and prize payment.

If there is no contact information, it is because the organizer has disabled it.

Moreover, you can look up who is the organizer/administrator of your competition through the Radikal Darts machine in your location. Going to the Competition menu of the machine (Ranking, Super Ranking, League or Tournament), you can see the organizer logo (only if it is available). The organizer’s name and contact information, in the upper left side of the screen.


8. How can my profile appear in the Radikal Top50?

In order to display a quality ranking in the web, players profile must meet some minimum requirements. The requirements needed to accomplish this are:

  • The player must have a real profile picture.

  • Must have the name fulfilled in the profile.

  • Have played at least 25 games that count for rating in the last 6 months.

If all this conditions are achieved, and the MPR and/or PPD of the player is among the best scores of the Radikal System based on the search criteria, it will appear in Radikal Players website.

In a case where your name is not correct, please, modify it at the My Account tab after logging into your radikal players account online, clicking at the Personal Data section (only if you are already registered). If your profile picture is empty or not correct, please, contact your operator and he will update it. 

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